We are having monthly meetings again.
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PLEASE attend the January 2016 Sacramento Capitol Rally!
Stand up for yourself and your planet.   It is a moral imperative.
This is your action opportunity for January.   Let's make a difference.

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The California Drought is most likely (hu)man-made via GeoEngineering Aerosol Spraying.
Either in whole, or in part, purposely or as a side-effect of GAStrail spraying.
LOOK UP!   Those are NOT jet contrails you see crisscrossed back and forth in the sky.



Please sign this Petition Against Geoengineering / Solar Radiation Management (SRM) / Chemtrails / Haarp / Weather Modification.




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Chico Water Tests Two-Page Flyer
We have a new version 4.0 of our Chico Water Tests Two-Page Flyer (front/back).


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Chico Sky Watch is a Grassroots, Not-for-profit GeoEngineering & Aerosol Spraying Awareness and Action Group.
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