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Local Water Tests for Aluminum — Chico, California Area


All tested water was collected in a clean glass jar and taken immediately to Basic Laboratory, a CA state certified lab, headquartered in Redding, with an office in Chico. All analyses are performed under strict adherence to the established Quality Assurance Plan. We have taken samples of rainfall, as well as from standing water in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and other water sources. The first sample was collected on 10/19/2010 and the latest was collected on 7/11/2012.

Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL)

Free aluminum ((nano-) particulate) is a toxic metal. The MCL is established by the CA Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA). When the MCL is exceeded, the CA EPA is legally required to mitigate the problem. The MCL for aluminum is 1,000 parts per billion (ppb). All environmental samples should average less than 1 part per billion. See chart on reverse for graphic comparison.

Regardless of the source of the aluminum/metal contamination, this is a severe public health hazard that must be addressed!

Tested Samples

Date Type and Location Result
A.  10/19/2010 Rainwater from a private residence on Coyote Way, in Stilson Canyon,
east of Chico, following a month of heavy aerosol spraying
384 ppb
B.  11/19/2010 Rainwater collected from Coyote Way during a storm following much
less spraying than October sample
229 ppb
C.  12/27/2010 Sample taken from Horseshoe Lake in Upper Bidwell Park, near the
shore in very shallow water approx. 12" below the surface
7,380 ppb
D.   2/18/2011 Second sample from Horseshoe Lake, taken from end of pier and
approximately 2 1/2 feet below surface
5,540 ppb
E.   2/18/2011 Sample from California Park Lake near the north shore 6" below the surface 736 ppb
F.   2/18/2011 Sample from California Park small 'Duck Pond' 4,770 ppb
G.   4/25/2011 Lake Oroville (Nelson Bar), a tributary on the north side of the lake –
sampled 3' from shore and 2' below the surface
61.2 ppb
H.   4/25/2011 Sample from Paradise Reservoir east shore 35.3 ppb
I.   4/25/2011 Well water (unfiltered) from Coyote Way 12.2 ppb
J.   4/25/2011 Chico city tap water, private residence, East Lassen Ave. 6.0 ppb
K.  10/11/2011 Rainwater from Coyote Way collected during first rain of season after
a week of aerosol spraying
129 ppb
L.   7/11/2012 Horseshoe Lake after "Brown Rain" event (see below-bottom) 18,500 ppb
M.   7/11/2012 California Park small 'Duck Pond' after "Brown Rain" event (see below-bottom) 9,730 ppb
N.   7/11/2012 California Park Lake after "Brown Rain" event (see below-bottom) 719 ppb
O.   6/07/2012 Collected from Holt Ln. Solar Panels rinsed with well water (see below-bottom) 52,000 ppb
P.   6/07/2012 Holt Ln. Solar Panels sample Barium and Strontium levels (see below-bottom) Ba 480 ppb
Sr 413 ppb
Mt. Shasta Circa 2008 — 61,000 ppb

More information available at

These are not natural skies — they are 'man-made' via aerosol spraying — they are not jet "contrails" (condensation trails).

Governments and corporations are deliberately manipulating and altering Earth's climate, endangering the lives of people all over the world. One of the most extreme cases of GeoEngineering is Sub-Stratospheric Aerosol Spray Trails (SSAGtrails) — the purposeful release of toxic aerosol-sprayed chemicals into the air that are poisoning people and the planet. These projects represent some of the worst crimes in history, yet most people are unaware of them.

Over one hundred patents have been granted to major corporations, including Monsanto, for aerosol spraying of materials that can penetrate your lungs and blood (and the blood-brain barrier), cause disease, disrupt your mental capacity, cause you to be sterile, and even cause premature death. These materials are being sprayed all over our planet — and on you — right now, on an almost daily basis, without your knowledge or consent.

An article from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) confirms that not only are SSAGtrails real, but they are suspected to be responsible for a variety of neurotoxic conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Intense spraying of dangerous chemicals from planes has been reported all over the world, in (at least) the U.S., Canada, Germany, England, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, The Bahamas, and Puerto Rico. A toxic mixture of parasites, pathogens, heavy metals, and nano-engineered particles have been found falling to earth from trails of certain planes. Aluminum, barium, bacillus spores, radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and synthetic nano-fibers are among the ingredients found in collected samples. As these fill the atmosphere and lodge in our lungs and blood streams through the air we breathe and the food we eat, it represents the most unavoidable toxic pollution in history.

In some areas, aluminum levels in the soil are so elevated, causing a change in the soil's pH level, that certain trees and crops are struggling to survive, and it is causing disease and massive die-offs. Interestingly, the USDA, which receives royalties on GMO crops, was recently granted a patent for seeds that can grow in soil with high aluminum content.

There are thousands of photos of aerosol sprayed chemtrails from around the world, ground-based videos of spraying and the unnatural, man-made cloud after-effects, and even a video shot from above a plane while it was turning its sprayers on and off. People are finally starting to notice and wake up to this horrific reality.

See reverse for additional information about the sources for this chart.


What Was in that Brown "Rain", Anyway?

This report by Marla Crites describes the odd "brown rain" event that occurred in the Chico-area in May 2012.

You may recall the strange weather event of May 14, 2012, when around 9:30 p.m. a misty "rain" fell in Butte and Tehama counties. I say strange because, as one witness said, "I held out my hand and felt no dampness in the "raindrops", which evaporated immediately upon impact." Even more unusual was the fact that in the morning everyone's car was covered with a fine, tan powder streaked with dried drips of liquid. Meteorologist Anthony Watts explained that it was merely farming dust that had been swept into the upper atmosphere by an updraft and fallen as a dirty rain.

I was skeptical of this reasoning since I have lived in this valley for nearly 70 years, have seen lots of dust, but never falling as "rain". And this was a huge amount of "dust", blanketing the valley from at least as far south as Durham, to Gerber in the north. A farmer in Durham actually tasted the residue and said it was vile, nothing like dirt.

I called our local Air Quality Board, the Department of Public Health and Environment, and the biological science department at CSUC to see what they knew about the composition of the residue. They were distinctly not curious and had no plans for testing it, preferring to accept Mr. Watts' conjecture.

At Chico Sky Watch, we were concerned and began to do our own testing through Basic Laboratory, a state certified lab. Residue rinsed off solar panels with purified water (5/16/12) yielded these results: aluminum 52,000 ppb, barium 480 ppb, and strontium 413 ppb. To put these numbers in perspective, California EPA's action level for aluminum in water is 1000 parts per billion. So this rain was 52 times higher than the maximum. It is true that there is aluminum naturally occurring in the soil, but I don't think that barium and strontium are present. This should be checked out by the proper authorities.

Subsequent tests of Horseshoe Lake and Teichert pond also showed huge amounts of aluminum: Horseshoe 18,500 ppb (more than double our first test of 7,300 ppb) and Teichert, 9,730 ppb.

In addition to the presence of toxic metals, Pro-Lab in Florida found six different types of molds in the sample. A biologist has told me that it's not unusual to find one type in rainwater, but that six is highly unusual. These molds are associated with hay fever, allergies and asthma. Chico Sky Watch ( will do ongoing testing, but my question is: "Why are our public health and air quality agencies not at all concerned with protecting the public?"