The lines in the sky you see almost
      every day are not jet contrails

  • Jet condensation trails form above the troposphere, in the stratosphere, above ~30,000 feet (~6 miles).
  • Jet contrails form at -70° F and 70% humidity at very high altitudes, are usually short-lived, and dissipate behind the jet after a few seconds, seeming to follow along behind the jet across the sky.
  • Jet contrails very rarely form in the sub-stratospheric troposphere, where we live and breathe.
  • Occasionally, when a true contrail "persists", it does so only briefly, and will dissipate in a matter of minutes, very rarely spreading out into a noticeable 'cloud'.
  • The lines we see in the sky almost every day are not jet contrails. They are low-altitude, sub-stratospheric GeoEngineering Aerosol Spray trails (GAStrails / SSAGtrails). They are sometimes referred to as "chemtrails", and erroneously called "persistent contrails" by some.
  • GeoEngineering programs spray aerosols from unmarked aircraft at altitudes well-under 20,000 feet.
  • These spray trails "persist" and then spread out horizontally across the sky to form unnatural cloud cover and a white haze across the once-blue sky.
  • Aerosols cause global dimming and comprise toxic metals, other chemicals, and biological agents.
  • Aluminum content in multiple water sources has become so prevalent and widespread, there must be a 'new', common, large-scale contamination source.

Aerosol Components

  • Certified laboratory testing has shown unnatural, very high aluminum content and highly-toxic barium and strontium in global water sources, including rain and standing water (ponds, lakes). (see flyer back for examples)
  • From public information held in the U.S. Patent Office, we know the aerosols are chiefly aluminum oxide particulate as a common ingredient.
  • Spray trails also contain thorium, and other toxics. (and lab-confirmed nano-particulate aluminum)
  • Biological agents have also been reported, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other biologicals.
  • These components, and other sprayed chemicals, like diethylene bromide (rainbow patches in aerosol clouds), are toxic, and we breathe them in every day.

Where is this happening?

  • Spraying has been reported globally since the 1990s, all across North America, and in Europe, Australasia, the Middle East, South Africa, South America, and Asia.

Conspiracy Theory?

  • Conspiracy?   Yes.  (one or more people are involved)
  • Theory?   Yes and No.  (some facts and evidence known)
  • People must remind themselves that so-called "conspiracy theories," both criminal and 'benign,' happen every day, all day long, all around the world.
  • In our legal system we have: Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Fraud, General Conspiracy, & the RICO Statutes. Do not fall into the trap of irrationally and falsely dismissing something as a so-called "conspiracy theory" without first investigating the facts.

What you can do!     Become informed and aware.   Get involved and work together with like-minded people to make a difference.   Learn what you can do to help stop this toxic atrocity against the people of the world, animal life, and our environment. Spread the word!

Why are they spraying?

There are several confirmed and theorized agendas.

Effects and Results of spraying

  • It is believed that, due to increased aluminum particulate contact, absorption, and toxicity, through water and the air we breathe, there has been a marked increase in Alzheimer's, autism, asthma and other respiratory diseases, fungal and bacterial infections, and other severe health effects for humans. (respiratory illness is now the third most common cause of death)
  • Trees and crops suffer from reduced sunlight and increased UVB, molds and fungi flourish, and the soil pH is becoming more alkaline. This affects crop yields, impacts forests, and reduces the resistance to disease and ability for all plants to grow in once-healthy soil.


You can watch these videos by entering the video's YouTube web address, or the URL, in your web browser's address box, web-searching for the title, or via the and other websites.

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Additional search terms:   GeoEngineering,   chemtrails,   aerosol spraying,   aluminum in water,   Dane Wigington,   Kristen Meghan,   "What In The World Are They Spraying",   WITWATS,   "Why In The World Are They Spraying"

Established by the California EPA, Maximum Contamination Levels of aluminum (MCL) should not exceed 1,000 ppb. (which some think is too high for a toxic maximum) For more information about this testing examples 2010-2013 chart, visit


Aerosol Spraying

How It Affects You

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